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For Auto A/C Repair, Visit Trump Automotive & Accessory Ltd., Medicine Hat

If you intend to stay cool during the hot summer days, keeping your A/C working is a must. If you’re planning a long drive this weekend, or a family vacation, visit Trump Automotive & Accessory Ltd. today for a thorough inspection and A/C repair of your car. 

When you notice that your car’s air conditioning system is blowing hot air, or you find a coloured liquid under the front of the vehicle, please get your vehicle to our Medicine Hat center. We’ll examine your compressor, condenser, coolant and other components of your air conditioner that help in circulating your vehicle’s refrigerant. Our experienced crew of mechanics will ensure you travel in comfort and strive to provide any A/C repair and maintenance you require.

Keep your cool this summer; visit our auto repair shop and fix any problems related to the air cooling system of your vehicle today!

Great Job!

Awesome place to deal with. Had them replace my transmission. They had it done within a matter of 2 hours. Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable mechanics. I will bring all my vehicles here from now on. The new owners of this shop have done a great job and I have high expectations.

-Amber G.

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