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Get Your Car for a Quick Repair and Maintenance at Trump Automotive & Accessory Ltd.

Whether you are in need of tune-ups or oil change, get your vehicle to Trump Automotive & Accessory Ltd., located in Medicine Hat and let our car repair and maintenance service team take care of the problem. We’ll help maximize the lifespan of your vehicle with our regular servicing, and ensure to have you back on the road in no time! We even provide oil changes – no more oily and greasy hands! Call us today!

Have a look at the complete auto repair and maintenance services we offer:

Brake repairs

Safety screening and pre-purchase inspections

Oil changes
Engine repairs

Lighting repair and upgrades


Honest and Quality Work!

Great garage to deal with. Very honest and quality work!

-Tyler B.

Book an Auto Repair Appointment Today!

Put your mind at ease and let our trusted technicians look after every detail your vehicle. If your car’s engine is overheating or you’re finding it difficult to start, don’t try to guess the problem yourself; contact Trump Automotive & Accessory Ltd., in Medicine Hat, AB today!

Get Your Vehicle Repaired Today!

Let our auto expert quick-fix your car.

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